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Glass Bottle 0.50 L - Still
Glass Bottle 0.50 L - Sparkling
Glass Bottle 0.75 L - Still
Glass Bottle 0.75 L - Sparkling
Glass Bottle 1 L - Still
Glass Bottle 1 L – Slightly Sparkling
Glass Bottle 1 L - Sparkling
PET Bottle 0.5 L - Still
PET Bottle 0.5 L - Sparkling

Fonte Allegra

The main characteristics of Allegra natural mineral water, recognised by the Ministry of Health with Decree no. 3961 of 26/04/2010 are:

  • Breastfeeding should always be encouraged, but where it is just not possible this mineral water can be used to prepare feeds for infants;
  • Can have diuretic effects;
  • Indicated for low sodium diets.

Some waters are particularly indicated for those who practice sports thanks to the low level of mineralisation such as that of a mineral water like Allegra because they ensure that the water is made quickly available to the blood, providing hydration whilst supplying minerals that can effectively act on muscle fatigue.

The minerals in Allegra

  • bicarbonate can act by curbing the substances produced in the body by fatigue;
  • calcium and magnesium can be useful in the mechanisms of muscle contraction;
  • moderate sodium intake is useful for reintegrating what is lost in the sweat.

Suitable for infants

Allegra Natural Mineral Water is recognised by the Ministry of Health with patent no. 3961 of 26/04/2010 indicated in the diet and preparation of feeds for infants.