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The Legend

"La vezzosa Tavine glauca il piè, verde la chioma, argenteo il petto, queste fonti tenne, e ogn'altra Ninfa sorpassò in bellezza"
"The cultivation of vegetable gardens" by Giuseppe Miglio, 1564

"Tavina" Mineral Water has been promoted since 1967, but its name echoes in the mythological evocation of water nymphs and ancient gods. Legend has it that the hill enclosing the gulf of Salò to the south once had an abundance of crystal clear streams that bubbled down into the valley and was inhabited by dryads and joyous nymphs; the most beautiful of these was Tavina, who, although wooed by all the gods, was in love with the shepherd Cisso.

Benaco, god of the Lake, who could not resign himself to being refused, pierced the heart of young Cisso, so Tavina, realising that Cisso was lost forever, decided to kill herself with her lover’s knife. However, the gods took pity on her and while her feet turned to roots, binding her to the earth, her long hair swelled and transformed into green willow branches. Cisso was turned into an ivy sapling that clung to the new tree and under this new guise the two lovers were united for eternity.