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The new Tavina Spa plant, inaugurated in November 2017, is equipped with high-tech systems machineries capable of guaranteeing high production volumes and high quality. Two new lines of PET (plastic) bottling of 31,000 bottles / hour have been introduced and a glass production line of 45,000 bottles / hour, for a total of 400 million pieces per year.

This is supported by an automatic vertical warehouse with a capacity of 11,000 pallets, which guarantees full compliance with the quality standards, safety of the finished product and a more appropriate management of the loading operations. Tavina products are distributed in a diffussed way in Italy, in Europe (Belgium, Estonia, Germany, Lithuania, Holland, Russia, Switzerland and England) and worldwide (United States, Canada, Costa Rica, Panama, Ghana, Egypt, Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Islands, Bangladesh, China, Israel, Kazakhistan, Korea, Kuwait, Malaysia, Qatar, Taiwan, Japan and Israel).

The production is flexible and always ready to satisfy the requests of the customer, even the most demanding.