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Water, nourishment par excellence

Water is the main component in every living thing since, on average, it makes up 60% of body weight, thus becoming an indispensable element for the correct functioning of our body.

Often water is a resource that is taken for granted, one that is available in unlimited quantities, yet it is actually an asset to learn about, maintain and protect: as rainfall, water penetrates deep into the earth and flows until it reaches the surface, forming a natural spring; so every water, depending on the soil it encounters and the place where its spring is located, has different physical-chemical and chemical properties.

So water is a source of invaluable nutritional components that make the physiological activities of the body possible by becoming a natural dietary and therapeutic aid. Thus it becomes clear how important it is for each and every one of us to choose the type of water that is most suitable for our body, depending on age, gender and any disorders we may have.

The food we eat already contains water but this is not enough, we need to consume around a further 2 litres a day.