Fonte Tavina

Fonte Allegra

Fonte Linda

Fonte Novella

The importance of being called "Natural Mineral" water

"Natural mineral waters are waters that are intended for human consumption and which can be distinguished from ordinary drinking water by their purity at source and their preservation, by their content of minerals, trace minerals and/or other components and by any beneficial effects on health that have been proved by clinical and/or pharmacological trials.

Their characteristics are evaluated in geological, hydro geological, organoleptic, physical, physical-chemical and microbiological terms. The composition, temperature and other essential characteristics of natural mineral water are constantly maintained at the source, within the range of natural variations, including following any variations in the flow.

Natural mineral waters cannot be subjected to purification treatments that include the addition of bactericidal or bacteriostatic substances or with any treatment that is likely to alter the natural microbial structure of the natural mineral water (microbial facies)".

Natural mineral waters are bottled pure from the source using a closed and safe process that respects the environment and maintains, over time, the characteristics of original purity and consumer safety.

The mineral content of the Fonte Tavina, Linda, Allegra and Novella Natural mineral Waters is the result of them flowing and pooling underground, where they are enriched by the characteristic substances that they extract from the rocks they come into contact with. The natural environment of the Parco Alto Garda, where the waters flow, guarantees this enrichment. These processes give our mineral waters unique balance and richness, in a natural way that cannot be reproduced artificially:

  • they come pure from the source;
  • dissolved mineral salts can encourage beneficial actions on the body;
  • sealed packaging guarantees consumer safety;
  • the purity of our mineral waters is maintained and guaranteed by numerous and rigorous process and product controls, in compliance with voluntary certification standards for consumer safety.

So when the Fonte Tavina, Linda, Allegra and Novella mineral waters arrive at your table they are uncontaminated and each has its own distinguishing element and characteristics:

Pure & genuine
They spring from the cradle of rock in the glacial basin of Lombardy's Pre-Alps.

Refreshing & diuretic
With just the right balance of salt content they are also ideal for infants and the elderly who need drinks that will not overload the cardiovascular system.

Enjoyable & digestive
With a significant level of bicarbonate these are table waters that are ideal for drinking throughout the day as they also have low sodium and nitrate contents.

Pleasant & purifying
Due to their characteristic mineralisation they are particularly pleasant; caressing the palate, they enhance palatability.