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Private labels for all requirements - B2B

Quality, research, know-how and flexibility at your service.

Tavina, thanks to its know-how, its quality, its continuous research and services offered to modern trade, is growing constantly, not only as a producer but, above all, as a partner and consultant. The Private label offers our clientele all-round benefits and promotes your corporate image.

Our clientele is present in the leading supermarket groups and in organised national and international distribution.

Our services include:

  • Research and development
    We offer customised solutions that meet the requirements of distribution organisations and the consumer.
  • Concept Product
    We follow the customer step-by-step, starting with the concept, the choice of format and type of item to be introduced onto the market. We can offer different types of water depending on the customer’s requirements and the demands of the consumer;
  • Product design
    We actively work to guarantee successful products, from the choice of the name, to the graphics and the contents of the label, with great versatility and daily assistance;
  • Fast and accurate
    We are perfectly capable of establishing the time scales for supplying the right product at the right time

Private Label List


Available formats

We offer our customers a wide and varied range of PET and GLASS formats





PET bottles can be transparent or coloured, barriered or standard, with roll-fed labelling, 3P tops, PCO and sport tops, transparent or customised film, in 6 bottle-packs, 12 bottle-packs and 24 bottle-packs, 80x120 or 100x120 pallets.

PET bottle of: 330 ml - 500ml – 1.00 l – 1.50 l – 2.00 l


GLASS bottles can be in clear or green coloured glass, with different shapes of label, various degrees of carbonation, TALOG threaded tops, standard or customised cartons, 80x120 or 100x120 pallets

GLASS Bottles of: 500ml – 0.75 l – 1.00 l