Fonte Tavina

Fonte Allegra

Fonte Linda

Fonte Novella

Our History

TAVINA, founded in 1967 by Amos Tonoli, produces the following brands of mineral water Fonte Tavina, Fonte Linda, Fonte Allegra and Novella. These pure waters spring from the ancient glacial basin of Lombardy’s pre-alpine slopes located within the Parco Naturale dell'Alto Garda, Lake Garda’s Natural Park.

The springs are protected within an uncontaminated area that is an asset for the entire community and where the company carries out careful controls. Climate studies and various surveys that provide indications about the "healthy condition" of the area have verified environmental and ecological conditions that take into account the requirements for natural pureness of the groundwater.

The area is particularly pleasant and relaxing and is characterised by expanses of woodland, punctuated by permanent stretches of grassland.

The climate in the area is particularly favourable and indicated for periods of rest, convalescence and holidaying. Over the years, the Tavina mineral water Spring has continued to be a popular destination for tourists and locals alike.

In actual fact, Tavina has been recognised for its pureness and wholesomeness since the fourteenth century when historian M. Miglio, in his text "The cultivation of vegetable gardens" spoke of abundant water that flows in "a wonderful cave" in the moraine hills that surround Salò (Grattarolo, 1587, "History of the Riviera").

The name Tavina also takes its inspiration from the name of the water nymph that dwelled there.

Over the years the company has developed a high quality, flexible production system that can efficiently respond to the new demands of consumers.